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Keeping track of every stage of an employee from the start of hire to the end of their role in the organization can be tedious, time-consuming but very critical to your organization. As your organization continues to grow, it can get more and more challenging to stay organized and keep all employee data starting from promotions to disciplinary actions without misplacing any crucial documents. We understand how difficult this can be and we want to help your organization focus on using its resources to coach and consistently move your operations forward. With the Altametrics Human Resources Solution, your business can focus more on providing the best customer experience rather than using crucial operating hours to find an employee document.

Assign proper job codes to your employees

human resources job codes POS

Job Codes - POS and Schedules

What are job codes and why is it important? Job codes are important because it defines an individual's job title in an organization. Creating job codes allows managers to distinguish their staff and help ensure that enough servers, bussers, cooks, etc are readily available and filled during a shift. The Altametrics Human Resource solution allows you to input an employee’s job code when completing the onboarding process, and keep track of all the job coded an employee has worked in. This can also help the accounting team make sure that each employee is being paid the right amount according to their job code. With our human resource solution, it allows managers to add two different job codes, the POS and Schedules.

POS Job Codes

The Altametrics Human Resources solution works and integrates with your Point-of-Sale to create a uniform system. A POS job code is the job code that is given to the employee when he/she is first hired. Using this job code, managers can keep track of all employee POS punches as well as specify their pay rate. With this seamless integration, the employee will be able to punch into the POS system and be identified with the corresponding job code. This end-to-end solution allows your organization to effectively track the positions and job titles each employee is assigned to and has worked in the organization.

human resources job codes schedules

Schedules Job Codes

Although employees are hired with one job code (POS Job Code), as they grow within the organization, they can be given multiple job codes. Our Altametrics Human Resources solution establishes the relationship between the two types of job codes by mapping multiple scheduled job codes with each POS job code. For example, an employee with a POS job code “Server”, can be scheduled on a day on any of the schedule job codes associated with job code “A”.

Allow your Franchise Organizations to receive the same benefits

human resources corporate franchise

Corporate and Franchise Organization

The partnership between corporate and franchise organizations can now be made easier than ever before. Whether your organization is corporate or franchise owned, you will still be able to manage your employees using our Altametrics Human Resources solution efficiently. We give both corporate and franchisees the opportunity to better manage their organization. Working with various franchise organizations can be difficult for corporate since it requires them to ensure all franchisees are happy and meeting their demands. Providing this solution to franchise organizations will help corporate create a stronger relationship with the franchisees as well as be able to manage the locations effortlessly. Through the Altametrics Human Resources solution, both corporate and franchise organizations will be able to work together to build a more uniform and stronger brand.

Make employee hiring process simple and easy

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Employee Hiring Process

The Altametrics Human Resources solution has made the hiring process a breeze. From interviewing to onboarding, our solution helps your organization provide a more streamlined system and allows you to have all the necessary information needed to complete the onboarding process properly. Many times, crucial employee information can get misplaced and will require the manager to request the information again which can be embarrassing. With the Altametrics Human Resources solution, managers can now have better control and organization by saving their data directly into one software. This allows the organization to be more established and professional in front of their staff.

Employee Rehire

Good employees are hard to find so when they come back to work for you, you want to make it as simple as possible. Using our Altametrics Human Resources solution, you can easily rehire an employee that has already gone through the termination process in the past. All the manager will need to do is verify the information with the employee to make sure all information is up to date, and the employee will be ready to work! Our solution will save all employee information even terminated employees so that it can easily be reactivated if needed.

Managing your employees have never been so stress free

human resources availability

Manage Your Employees

One of the biggest issues in the restaurant industry is employee management, and it gets harder the more your organization grows. Our Altametrics Human Resources solution will help you coach your team members and also take control of employees before it becomes a bigger mess. We can help your organization track the From availability to performance reviews, let us keep track of everything for you.


Employees in the restaurant industry can have various availabilities, and it becomes difficult for managers to keep track when creating schedules. Our solution allows your employees to input and update their availability so that it is readily available to the managers. This gives each employees responsibility and they can be sure that they will less likely be scheduled on the days and times they will be unavailable. Allowing employees to put in their availabilities will not only empower them but will also lift a burden off of your managers. Your managers won’t have to micromanage the employees to see whether they can work a shift because the whole process will be streamlined.

human resources skill level

Time Off

Requesting and even managing time off request can be time-consuming. However, through our Altametrics Human Resources solution, managers will be able to oversee time off requests effortlessly. Rather than looking back on conversations they had with the employee, all approved time off requests will reflect in the system and will ultimately prevent any scheduling errors. Employees will also be able to request time off directly through the mobile app and keep track of whether or not the request has been approved.

Skill Level Update

With our Human Resources application, the management team can rate their employees based on their skill level. This allows managers to schedule crew members more effectively based off of merit. Of course, the employees will not see their skill level ratings, but scheduling managers can create effective schedules based off of skill. Each employee will have a POS job code assigned to them and a skill level associated with it. Your organization can turn into a merit based organization where you can identify your eagles and move them up within the organization.

human resources commendation

Commendation/Discplinary Actions

In order to do a performance review on an employee, it is essential to keep track of all positive and negative feedback received. Many organizations usually express commendation and disciplinary actions verbally and are never really recorded into the employees' profile. This can lead to a bigger issue and can be another “He Said; She Said” situation. With the Altametrics Human Resources solution, your managers can keep a history of any commendations and disciplinary actions each employee receives. This allows your business to gain a better idea of how that particular employee is performing and how he/she can improve. Through our solution, managers give commendations where they can write positive feedback for an employee’s good work, and disciplinary action can be recorded to mention any concern areas for an employee’s performance/conduct. Having this feature allows the organization to have more visibility and control over their day-to-day operations.

human resources performance review

Performance Review

Good employee management means giving great feedback to your employees which can be difficult if there is no trail of commendations and/or disciplinary actions in the employees' file. When it comes to performance reviews, one of the major problems many organizations have is forgetting to perform the review on the promised/given date. With the Altametrics Human Resources solution, it allows you to thoroughly complete a performance review for each employee and have it recorded directly in their profile. Managers have access to employees profile to view any notes regarding commendations/disciplinary actions to notate what needs to be discussed and what the steps should/will be moving forward. Easily provide excellent feedback to your staff to increase productivity and create a more positive work environment by being on top of doing performance reviews. Bring out the best in your employees using our human resources solution.

human resources wage job

Wage Job Adjustment

When an employee is given a performance review and the result of that review concludes excellent work ethics, he/she is most likely to get promoted and/or given a raise. In that case, their job code and pay rate will need to be adjusted which can be easily forgotten until payday. Within the Altametrics Human Resources solution, managers can easily adjust the pay rate so it is reflected onto the system in a timely manner to avoid any issues. Starting with the actual review date to the new adjusted amount, we make sure your organization stays on top of managing your employees.

W-4/I-9 Data - Employee Data

Submitting a Leave of Absence, has never been so easy. The Altametrics Human Resources solution allows you to input any leave of absences for any employee in a timely manner to avoid any scheduling conflicts. With our customized approach, managers will be able to monitor the different types of leaves, keep thorough audit trails of each LOA, and have better control in their organization.

human resources employee share

Employee Transfer/Sharing

The Altametrics Human Resources solution helps your managers ensure smoother operations within all sites. Keeping job positions filled is not always consistent and may run into problems such as not having enough manpower for the following week. If one location is short an employee for certain days, the manager at that location can request the option to share or transfer an employee from another site to fill that shift. Managers can easily execute the transfer/sharing request so that the employee will be able to access their POS job code for both locations with our human resources solution.

human resources termination

Employee Termination Process

Unfortunately, many employees may eventually end up leaving, or if they are not fit for the job, they will be let go from the organization. The Altametrics Human Resources solution has made it so that it will be easy for managers to notate and complete the termination process so that the employee will be ready for their exit interview on his/her last day. Notating the termination process allows managers to notify and update the entire organization/upper management as well as be able to ensure that the employee is not able to access any restaurant Point-of-Sales after his/her termination date. Employees can also be reassured that all steps are completed and everything is ready for their last day of employment at that organization.

Keep track of previous changes within your organization

human resources audit


The Altametrics Human Resources solution keeps track of your records and any changes made to manage your employees better. Starting from employee audits to even store history, we keep track of both basic and detailed information to help your business thrive and your employees happy.

Employee Audit

Keeping track of all your employees can be difficult if there is disorganization and employee information is not centralized into one. The Altametrics Human Resources solution focuses on centralizing all your employee information into one system so that you won’t have to worry about losing any data. We keep track of all employee data by creating each individual profiles that includes their contact information, temporary availability, wage/job code adjustment, and their pay rate.

human resources employee history

Job History

Not all employees will have one and only one job code during their time with an organization. The Altametrics Human Resources solution has made it so that if an employee has previously worked at the store on other job codes, then the application would show the POS job code historical records with the pay rate information at which the employee will work in the future. This allows managers to view each employees job history within the organization to better determine the new pay rate and new job code.

Store History

It is important to keep an audit trail of all store locations to better manage your organization and employees. WIth the Altametrics Human Resources solution, you will be able to keep track of all your store history to view which employee had worked, is working and may work in the future. Having this insight gives you the opportunity to make the necessary changes to improve your operations as well as meeting your budget.

All-in-one employee data storage that keeps track of performance reviews, pay bumps, commendations, and disciplinary actions. Let's talk today.

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Keep track of employee data all in one location

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"Incorporating Altametrics Human Resources has exceeded all expectations. Executing performance reviews are a breeze now that we have a trail of documentation to reference."

— Stephanie Markland

Taco Bell
Franchisee Owner
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"Altametrics Human Resources solutions provided us with the tools we needed to pay our employees correctly. Assigning specific job codes allows our Accounting team to stay organized and to finalize our payroll with the utmost efficiency."

— Lisa McWard

Peet's Coffee
General Manager
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"We have employees that work at multiple locations. With Altametrics Human Resources solutions, we as managers can easily share employees between our locations to ensure we have shift coverage at any given time."

— Thomas Conyard

Regional Manager

Human Resources Software Integrations

Everything works better, when everything works together

Richard Del Valle

Chief Business Officer
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"These products are an integral part of how we operate our business. It’s not just software, it is part of our culture. It’s very rare that we have a steak go back because we miss the cooking temp we’re looking for. That’s been a big improvement for us as a company. To me, Altametrics has always been a superb partner, never really had any complaints and it’s been well over 15 years now with multiple organizations and that dynamic has not changed in the product."

Rob Ertmann

VP Store Operations
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"It’s really given us a new view into our business...the analytics and the insight into how we can better control our costs just improved ten folds. The old system was frustrating, and the new system is like we’re in the 21st century! We have technology and we can use it and it’s awesome. Altametrics is such a great asset for us. It has become a very integral part of the day to day operations and piece of inventory management at Peet’s."

All-in-one employee data storage that keeps track of performance reviews, pay bumps, commendations, and disciplinary actions. Let's talk today.